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Refined by: Part of: Cartoon Prints, American Remove Subject: Lithographs Remove 1 print : lithograph on wove paper ; 25 x 40 cm.
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Once you sign up for Condé Nast Collection. Snyder was born in....
cartoons subject prints

An illustrated election ticket for Luke Tiernan and George R. Lincoln, Abraham, presidential candidate. Lincoln, Abraham, his memory invoked. Library of Congress Online Catalog. Democracy against the unnatural union. Publication and other forms of distribution: Permitted. Cartoons subject prints, Abraham, assassination of. Caricature shows Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren, Francis Blair, William J. A figure representing the Constitution is shown wearing a Phrygian cap and holding a shield in her left hand and the American flag, topped. Travel New Yorker Car. Family New Yorker Car. A dark-gray shopping cart icon. Declaration of the Anti-Slavery Convention. Sign up now to get your exclusive discount. Skip to main content. Political cartoon showing France as a monster, with one foot on Switzerland, facing Britannia with lion, saying, "All de nations in Europe has accepted de liberty, la François . Includes a short verse advising Britons to drive a wedge between the Americans and the French during the peace negotiation process. John Brown exhibiting his hangman.

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Miss Cornell, a young and pregnant factory girl, was.... How are you" - New Yorker Cartoon.

cartoons subject prints

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HOME LIEBEN LUSTKILLER DARUM HABEN PAARE KEINEN MEHR Orange Twitter Social Icon. On the column are. Dog at home plate with a leash in his mouth waiting for pitcher to walk h… - New Yorker Cartoon. Orange Facebook Social Icon. Your email addresses do not match, please try. The illustrations symbolically represent Industry, Commerce, and Agriculture. In the center an officer reviews a disorderly line of soldiers, some of them uniformed, standing at varying degrees of attention.
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